How to kick-start your health for the new year

How to kick-start your health for the new year

  How to kick-start
  your health for the new year

The new year is the perfect opportunity to get your health kick-started since health is essential to us being as active as we can for as long as we can. You don't have to be perfect or rely on intense diet fads; making just a few simple and sustainable adjustments can help you feel better long-term. 


Tips on getting your health kick-started in the new year 

  1. Try to eat a healthy diet: Balance, colour and variety through seasonal eating are three of the most important factors when it comes to eating a nutritious diet. Note which foods make you feel sluggish or cause an afternoon slump, and think about moderating portion size, swapping out ingredients or changing the time and frequency at which you eat them. Smoothies and soups are a convenient and delicious way to up your intake of nutrients quickly. 
  2. Try to exercise regularly: Keeping your joints and muscles healthy through frequent movement can help to future-proof you from mobility issues later on down the line. Low-impact, gentle exercises like walking, swimming and pilates are effective in helping you to build fitness and strength if you’re a beginner to exercise. 
  3. Get enough sleep: Sleep is vital to many bodily functions such as energy, weight management, immunity and cell renewal. If you find it difficult to wind down in the evening, create a bedtime ritual that works for you. This might include writing down worrying thoughts, noting your to-do list for the next day, taking time away from screens or reading a book. 
  4. Take time out to relax: Avoid stress as much as possible, especially if you already have problems with it or are easily prone to stress. Not only is stress linked to many health problems including heart disease and depression, but it also contributes to visible signs of ageing. Ensure that you set aside time to do things that you enjoy. 
  5. Buddy up: Joining a friend or family member can make a health kick much more enjoyable and sociable, and help to keep you accountable so you’re less likely to slip into old habits. You could try taking a yoga class together, or swapping your Friday wine night for a Sunday smoothie. 


How to stick to healthy habits 

The key to creating and sticking to healthy habits is ensuring that you find enjoyment. If HIIT workouts leave you feeling frustrated, the chances are that you’re not going to want to keep doing them, so try finding another form of exercise that gives you a sense of achievement or a beginner’s level that works for you. 


The same applies to food: you might not like salads, and that’s fine. There are plenty of ways to integrate vegetables into your diet in other ways, by roasting them, blending them into soups, or having them raw with a dip like houmous. Think about flavours and textures you like, and seek out healthy recipes that whet your appetite. ProLon fasting programs are designed to offer you convenient nutrition whenever you need to quickly up your intake if you struggle to maintain a consistently nutritious diet. 

If you find that alcohol is a catalyst for unhealthy habits, you might need to find alternative social activities or keep an alcohol-free alternative on hand. Don’t be too hard on yourself—everything in moderation! 


The benefits of ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet 

ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is a great option to support an energizing gut reset if you’re feeling bloated or your digestion’s feeling sluggish after an indulgent holiday season. ProLon’s signature 5-day fasting journey is designed to unlock the deepest level of fasting, yielding profound benefits to aging and metabolism like cellular rejuvenation, weight loss and lean mass preservation. 

How to maintain your health with ProLon Reset 

ProLon ReSet is a 1-day fasting kit which is ideal for breaking overindulgence and kicking off your new year goals. The program uses nutritious soups, snacks and supplements to feed your body while keeping it in a physiological fasting state, and can be used once or twice a week to keep you on track, or as a reset if you need to refocus.



Kickstart your health with a ProLon bundle 

Commit to your health journey with a ProLon 3 Box Bundle, or a combination bundle of the Reset kit and Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). Each bundle will offer you the support to think more mindfully about what you eat, offer your body a regular opportunity to reset, and ultimately leave you feeling healthier and more energized for the year ahead.