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Almonds & Cocoa Spread

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Our luxurious creamy spread is a fantastic protein-rich option, boasting a generous fiber content. Crafted through state-of-the-art techniques, its modern processing preserves the authentic flavour while delivering a velvety and satisfying experience on the palate.

The Longevity spread showcases a remarkable composition, incorporating 74% of the finest 'Filippo CEA' almonds sourced from Apulia. This unique almond variety stands as one of the prime constituents of Longevity's recipe, complemented harmoniously by a 14% inclusion of unsweetened cocoa.

-Please note that this product is not suitable for consumption during fasting periods.

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Protein source
Dairy Free
0 % palm oil
Rich in vitamin E, calcium and magnesium
Gluten Free

Longevity Spread - ProLon everyday

Almond and Cocoa Spreadable Cream

Without fats or proteins other than those, naturally present in almonds and cocoa

A Perfect Example of Longevity and Tradition.

Our almond variety “Filippo CEA” is a top-quality product cultivated in Apulia and known worldwide. Thanks to the flavour and properties of this precious seed, which is a source of oleic acid, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, we have developed a high-quality spreadable cream allowing you to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, promoting well-being and longevity.

Treat yourself. Just the way you like it.

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From our customers


Ottimo prodotto, lo uso ogni mattina a colazione.

Maria Lamanna
- Verified User

La consistenza delle mandorle mi ha stupito. Ideale per una colazione salutare a casa. La ricomprerò!

- Verified User

Ottima crema spalmabile, altissimo contenuto proteico. La mangio spesso prima di andare in palestra. Qualitativamente superiore rispetto alle altre creme in commercio.

- Verified User

Sono vegana ed è la crema più buona che io abbia mai mangiato! Grazie Prolon!

- Verified User