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ProLon® Nutrition Bar - 12 Pack

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ProLon® Fasting Bar is an intermittent fasting bar that can help you fast for longer. (12 per pack)

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Fast Bar’s recipe comes from more than 20 years of research at the University of Southern California (USC). Scientists studied how unique blends of macronutrients and micronutrients could be consumed without kicking your body out of a fasting state.

They used this formulation to create the Fast Bar, which provides the tasty nutrition of macadamias, pecans, almonds, and honey that has a similar fasting impact as a glass of water*.

It’s also plant-based, Keto-friendly, and gluten-free.

Fast bar nourishes your body with high quality plant base proteins, complex carbs (very low glycemic index) and is rich in healthy brain like healthy fats that we source from Macadamia, Pecans and Walnut, the most expensive ingredients that nature offers!

The secretive fast bar formulation is the fruit of two decades of collaboration between Nature and our Scientists who unlocked a natural nutri-technology of fasting with food or fasting mimicking diet. Recently, 14 global universities joined the research and helped us bring to the world the Fast Bar, Fasting Shake, Reset, and ProLon Five Days Fasting Nutirition.

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Fasting Bar® is an intermittent fasting bar that can help curb your hunger without breaking your fast, so you can fast for longer. It has been clinically shown to keep your body in a fasting state even after eating. You can eat it in the morning after your overnight fast to help curb your hunger and extend your fast until your next meal. A clinical trial showed that eating a Fast Bar after an overnight fast has a similar impact on ketones and a nearly identical impact on blood glucose as drinking water*.

*seen in a randomised, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar group, breakfast group and water-fast group. Data on file.

You should eat Fasting Bar once a day, as we want people to follow a healthy, balanced diet including regular meals during the day.

You can eat it in the morning after your overnight fast or as a healthy snack anytime during the day, in addition to meals, to help curb your hunger.

The impact and safety of consuming more than one Fast Bar per day hasn’t been studied, and we recommend that you eat only one Fast Bar in the morning or evening, along with a healthy, balanced diet for your other meals.

Fast Bar is great for supporting Time Restricted Eating and other short fasts. If you seek the benefits of Prolonged Periodic Fasting, our 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) has been extensively tested, has been safely used by hundreds of thousands of generally healthy consumers, and has been clinically tested to provide many benefits, and support overall metabolic health when used in multiple consecutive cycles. For more info on ProLon, go to

Yes! Fasting Bar is designed with the same technology as the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet®. Our technology is the result of over 20 years of preclinical and clinical testing with over 36 million US dollars in research and development funding from the National Institutes of Health and the European Union.

Fasting Bar was designed with the same technology as ProLon’s L-Bars, but there are slight differences in size, calorie count and overall sugar content. Due to the carefully formulated macro and micro-nutrient ratios of the individual bars, they’re not intended to be interchangeable and should only be used as directed.