win points while you lose weight!

Share your passion of fasting with ProLon and rack up the reward points to save big on your ProLon purchase.


Earn 500 Points for Joining

How it works

Create an account

and join Frequent Faster Loyalty Program


follow, share or purchase ProLon

Redeem Your points

for real money towards your purchases

Ways to Earn Points


Earn 10 points per $1 spent every time you purchase from


Earn 100 points
when you follow us on FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter.


Get 50 points
every time you share our content to your FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. (Limit: 5 posts per month)


Earn 1,000 points
when you refer ProLon to anyone. Just give them your code and when they purchase you will collect your points. (Don’t worry, they’ll get a little something too!)


Earn 200 points
Share your birthday with us and we will send you some birthday points. Happy Birthday!


You earn real cash to use towards any purchase of ProLon.


1,000 Points*


2,500 Points*


5,000 Points*

When you’re ready to redeem your points for real savings towards your purchase just:

Logon into your


Open the

rewards panel

Click on


If you have enough points, a Redeem button will appear

Click the REDEEM button to receive your COUPON CODE
Click the Apply code button to automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout

*Points never expire..

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a fun and exciting way to earn reward points that can be redeemed for cash to use on any ProLon purchase.

Yes, it’s free to join! Plus, you’ll receive 100 bonus points just for signing up. To get started, simply create your free L-Nutra account today! (link to sign up)

Yes, your reward points can be used at any time, including during promotions for even greater savings. A maximum of 5000 points can be used for each purchase.

There are many ways you can earn points in the Frequent Faster program.

1. Fast with ProLon and earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your ProLon purchase.

2. Engage with us on social media and earn 5 points for each engagement. (Limit 5 per month)

3. Share your ProLon related post on social media for 10 points. (Limit 5 per month)

4. Refer a Friend and rack up 100 points when they make a purchase.

5. Celebrate your birthday and tack on another 100 points. The more you participate the more points you can receive.

Once your account is set up, all your earned points can be viewed by opening your Reward Panel.

Follow these simple steps to redeem your reward points:

1. Log onto your L-Nutra account

2. Open the Rewards Panel

3. Click on “ALL REWARDS”

4. Click the “REDEEM” button to receive your coupon code

5. Click the APPLY CODE button to automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout

Yes, any unused discount voucher can be applied toward future purchases.

No, your reward points will not expire, and can be used at any time. There are no blackout dates.

Yes, you can give your reward points to others who can use them toward any ProLon purchase.

There is no limit to the number of points you can accrue over time. There is however a monthly point limit for some of the ways in which points can be earned.


Earn 100 Bonus Points for Joining