What Is ProLon®?

ProLon® is a 5-day dietary programme that nourishes your body while supporting overall health.  Studies have shown that it can also have a positive effect on a number of health-related issues such as normal cholesterol levels, inflammation, and fasting glucose.

ProLon® removes the need for water-only fasting, while responding to the unmet need of providing an accessible, proven and safe dietary programme that does not require ongoing lifestyle changes, such as long-term dieting.


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ProLon® meals come in 5 small boxes (one for each day) that include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks and supplements, all studied and carefully designed to nourish your body and promote positive changes.



ProLon® ingredients are plant-based and do not contain any additives, preservatives* or chemicals. The daily calorific intake with ProLon® is between 750 and 1,100 calories from healthy ingredients that maximise nourishment and provide a pleasant eating experience.

*ProLon® energy drink contains the natural preservative polylysine.



ProLon® market research and consumer panels demonstrated:

  • Very good taste
  • Convenient and easy day-by-day packaging
  • Minimal disruption to daily lifestyle


So How Does ProLon® Work?

ProLon® provides the body with healthy, plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to deliver optimal nourishment while not activating the key pro-ageing pathways including the growth hormone, insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) pathways activated by normal diets. These hormones signal to the body that it has consumed significant levels of carbohydrates and proteins and can activate genes that accelerate the growth pathways, which also speed ageing and block regeneration/rejuvenation.

ProLon® is the first Fasting Mimicking and Enhancing™ Diet that provides you with a combination of foods and ingredients able to reprogramme the body into a regenerating and rejuvenating mode, resulting in long-term reduction of IGF-1, glucose and markers of inflammation and ageing, but only in subjects with high levels of these markers.

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Scientific Studies

15 years of extensive preclinical and clinical studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and conducted at the Longevity Institute and Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute of the University of Southern California (USC) resulted in the development of the first FMD™ (ProLon®) which stimulates:

  • Cellular entry into a high protection and stress resistant mode
  • Removal of damaged cells and tissues
  • Self-repair through cellular regeneration and rejuvenation

Clinical Study Methodology

Randomised controlled trial of 100 subjects, 71 completed 3 cycles of the ProLon® either in a randomised phase (N=39) or after being crossed over from a control diet group to the FMD group (N=32). Control subjects continued their normal diet. ProLon® participants consumed the fasting mimicking diet (FMD) for 5 consecutive days per month for 3 months. Measurements were performed prior to the diet (Before) and during the recovery period after the 3rd cycle (After).

Min Wei; Sebastian Brandhorst et al.
Fasting‐Mimicking Diet and Risk Factors for Ageing, Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease.
Science Translational Medicine February 15, 2017

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