1. Can I consume coffee, tea, infusions or other drinks during ProLon® 5-day?

During the 5 days of ProLon® 5-day programme it is recommended not to add other foods or drinks other than those inside the kit, except for water. In case you have a strong need for coffee, exceptionally, you can have at maximum a small cup of coffee per day to retain your FMT programme, with no sugar, honey, sweeteners, milk or other additives.

2. What is ProLon® 5-day?

ProLon® 5-day® is a 5-day diet plan developed by world-class longevity scientists, which rejuvenates your cells and provides you incredible benefits for you health, longevity, weight management, energy management, mental clarity and skin. ProLon® 5-day® users receive everything they need, for each day of the food programme, in a single kit.

3. Who should use ProLon® 5-day?

Almost Everyone! Clinical studies have shown that ProLon® 5-day can offer important beneficial effects deriving from the variation of the diet: ask your Doctor or Health Care Provider, or your Nutritional Coach for more information.

4. What does ProLon® 5-day® contain?

Each ProLon® 5-day® kit contains food preparations from about 60 plant-based ingredients, scientifically formulated and clinically tested for those who want to undergo the Fasting Mimicking Technology Programme that lasts 5 days. Inside the kit, you will find five additional boxes. Each box is specific for a single day of the ProLon® 5-day 5-day programme. All ProLon® 5-day® foods are very tasty and easy to prepare and include vegetable soups, bars, snacks, food supplements, herbal infusions and L-Drinks.

5. How do I take ProLon® 5-day?

ProLon® 5-day users can consume the products inside the kit in 5 consecutive days, by following the meal plan order highlighted in the informative leaflet. The order, in which the products can be consumed within the same day may vary, but it is NOT possible to move one or more products from a specific day to another.

6. Can ProLon® 5-day be used by patients with chronic diseases?

Depending on people’s health condition, their previous medical history and their prescribed medications, the ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme could be combined with standard medical treatment; however, such assessments and prescriptions must be made by your Doctor or Health Care Provider. 

7. What should I do if my package is tampered?

If by chance the courier delivers a package with the tampered seal or with evident tampering, you must immediately take a photograph and reject the delivered package. It is important to send the photograph to ‘ProLon® 5-day® customer service’. If these actions are not taken, the Company will be unable to do anything to help. 

8. Is there any scientific data supporting the ProLon® 5-day formulation and ingredients?

The unique dietary formulation of ProLon® 5-day® is the result of decades of scientific studies, including pre-clinical and clinical research. ProLon® 5-day® contains specific ingredients that have been scientifically developed to mimic fasting while eating. 

9. What other food can I take during ProLon® 5-day?

Since ProLon® 5-day is a nutritional programme that provides everything, you need during the 5 days, while helping and stimulating cells renewal and self-repair, it is not recommended to consume any other kind of food or beverages in combination with ProLon® 5-day®. It is strongly advised to hydrate properly by drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

10. Can I play sports or do physical activity during ProLon® 5-day?

During the 5 days of ProLon® 5-day, it is recommended to avoid tiring and particularly intense activities, including high intensity exercises or swimming. It is advisable that people who play sports avoid their activities during this period. If you feel great, you can opt for a walk or practice yoga, meditation, and short sessions of Pilates. 

11. What is the L-Drink?

The L-Drink is a drink that can be taken from day 2 to day 5; the amount of liquid you can take depends on your body weight and must be prepared by following the steps indicated in the instruction leaflet contained in the kit. This mix, correctly prepared, also helps intestinal flow, as it is a mild laxative. 

12. With which products can I replace the meals in the kit that I don't like?

Kit components cannot be replaced. The ProLon® 5-day kit has been designed and tested to simulate a fasting condition and to provide, at the same time, adequate nourishment to the body, therefore replacing one or more of the components provided should be avoided. 

13. How much water should I drink during ProLon® 5-day?

During the ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme, it is recommended to drink at least 2.5 liters of water in total per day (including the herbal infusions and the L-Drinks in the meal plan). 

14. I have headache and muscle aches. Is this normal?

Yes, headaches and muscle aches could be among the effects that are typically related to the simulation of fasting; in general, the first 3 days are the most challenging, especially the second and third. However, the response of the organism depends on person to person. 

15. I have a headache. What can I do?

It is advisable to rest and hydrate well, by drinking the right amount of water throughout the day (about 2.5 liters per day, including the L-Drinks and herbal infusions you find in the kit): proper hydration helps a lot in these cases. Ideally you should avoid taking painkillers. 

16. I have muscle aches. What can I do?

It is advisable to rest and hydrate well, by drinking the right amount of water throughout the day (about 2.5 liters per day, including the L-Drinks and the herbal infusions you find in the kit). In addition to this, to relieve pain, you can massage the affected area, apply a hot water bag there or a herbal muscle relaxant cream. Ideally you should avoid taking painkillers.

17. I am not home all day, what can I do with the ProLon® 5-day meals?

The minestrone soups can be prepared in the very morning or the evening before. Always make sure to store them at adequate temperatures until lunch time. For example: if you cook them the previous evening, just keep them you in a cooler; on the other hand, if they are prepared in the morning, they can be stored in a thermos that maintains the cooking temperature for a few hours after their cooking. 

18. Can I use the leftover L-Drink?

No, what is left over from the L-Drink bottle should not be used. 

19. What should I do after the 5 days of ProLon® 5-day?

At the end of the ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme, on day 6 and for a period of approximately 12 hours, it is recommended to follow a transition diet, that is: to avoid rich meals and to start the day with liquid and soft foods, such as smoothies or centrifuged fruit and vegetables; then, for lunch you can have light meals, such as rice, pasta or other cereals, accompanied by small portions of fish or legumes and cooked or raw seasonal vegetables (or a mix of both). From day 7, then, you can gradually resume your daily diet, by consuming properly balanced meals from the nutritional point of view, based on your needs.

20. What should I do if I take drugs?

When you are taking drugs it is advisable to consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider, as they can recommend you if ProLon® 5-day can be consumed in combination with any kind of drugs that have been prescribed to you.

21. What should I do if I take supplements?

Since the ProLon® 5-day kit has been scientifically designed and tested to simulate a fasting state and to provide, at the same time, adequate nourishment to the body, it is generally advisable to suspend the consumption of daily supplements as this Fasting Mimicking Programme includes supplements such as vitamins, minerals and omega-3. 

22. The L-Nut Bar is missing in Day box 1, 2, 3 or 4 of my ProLon® 5-day kit, what can I do?

You can take the L-Nut Bar from the Day box 5 in your ProLon® 5-day kit, while in the meantime we will ship a substitution. Contact immediately our Customer Service at www.prolon.eu/pages/contact-us to report the anomaly. 

23. One of the herbal infusions is missing in my ProLon® 5-day kit, what can I do?

You can consume one of the herbal infusions present in another Day box of the ProLon® 5-day kit, and in the meantime, we will ship you a substitution. If the substitution arrives late, you don’t have to worry, because the main function of herbal infusions is to help you stay hydrated. The important thing is to drink the right amount of water during that day and all the 5 days. 

24. One of the soups is missing in my ProLon® 5-day kit, what can I do?

Contact immediately our Customer Care at www.prolon.eu/pages/contact-us to report the anomaly. They will recommend you what to do, depending on the day you are on, and we will ship you a substitution. 

25. I forgot to take the supplement. What can I do?

If you forgot to take a daily dose of the NR-3 or of the Algal Oil supplements, you can take the forgotten daily dose on Day 6, at lunch or during dinner. 

26. Do I have to consume all the herbal infusions during the 5 days?

It is advisable to drink all the herbal infusions present in your ProLon® 5-day kit. If you don’t like their taste, we recommend you to drink anyway the right amount of water throughout each day during the 5 days, because this will help you stay hydrated. If you have any infusion bags left over, you can use them after you finish your ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme. 

27. Do I have to necessarily to consume all products inside my ProLon® 5-day kit? (remove underlined)

It is important to consume all the components included in the single Day box and in the quantities provided, because the ProLon® 5-day nutritional kit has been scientifically designed and tested to simulate an only-water fasting condition, while providing at the same time adequate nourishment to your body. If necessary, you can divide the ‘quantity’ of a product and consume it step by step over the course of a particular day.

28. I have difficulty in swallowing supplement capsules. What can I do?

You can open the NR-3 supplement capsules and dissolve them in a glass of water, while you can break the Algal Oil supplement soft gel in the mouth. 

29. I am breastfeeding / pregnant, can I do ProLon® 5-day?

No, it is not allowed to start and follow the ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme during the pregnancy period or while breastfeeding. 

30. I have diabetes, can I do ProLon® 5-day?

No, it is not allowed to start and follow the ProLon® 5-day meal programme in case of Diabetes Mellitus type 1, type 2 or any other genetic form of Diabetes, without the authorization of your Doctor or Health Care Provider. 

31. How do you prepare the L-Drink?

Shake the L-Drink bottle before use. Pour the content of this bottle into the measuring cup included until the remaining fluid matches your weight. VERIFY THE CORRECT QUANTITY FOR YOUR WEIGHT BASING ON THE MEASURING SCALE IN THE INFORMATION LEAFLET. Discard the rest of the content present in the bottle. Decant the liquid of the measuring cup into the large empty water bottle. Add at least 800 ml of water to the large water bottle and mix gently. Drink the mixture throughout the day. 

If you want to improve the flavor, you can add to the mix of L-Drink and water, one of the herbal infusions included in the respective Day box. Leave the infusion bag in the water bottle for 10/15 minutes.

32. I don't like the taste of L-Drink, how can I improve it?

Once you have poured the right quantity of L-Drink inside the water bottle (based on your body weight) and added water at room temperature until is full, you can use one of the herbal infusions contained in the respective Day box to flavor the mix (about 10/15 minutes of infusions). 

33. I want to start ProLon® 5-day, what kind of blood tests should I do?

We recommend you to rely on your Doctor’s or Health Care Provider’s indications, as it is within her/his competence to determine which parameters you should test to observe the before and after status of your fasting with food path. If you aim to measure the impact of Prolon 5-Day to your biological age, follow this process Biological Age - Fondazione Valter Longo Onlus. 

34. I have a cold or flu. Can I do ProLon® 5-day?

No. It is good to start ProLon® 5-day when you are in an optimal health status. 

35. I am underweight. Can I follow ProLon® 5-day?

No. Read the conditions of use of ProLon® 5-day link URL and calculate whether, basing on your body mass index, you can follow ProLon® 5-day (minimum body mass index to perform ProLon® 5-day: 18 points). 

36. Can I have a sauna or Turkish bath during ProLon® 5-day?

No. During ProLon® 5-day we recommend you to avoid high temperature changes. 

37. Can I go swimming?

No. This kind of strenuous physical activity is not recommended during ProLon® 5-day.

38. Can I drive during ProLon® 5-day?

During ProLon® 5-day you may feel tired and sleepy. It is therefore good to evaluate your condition before starting any activity that requires complete attention such as driving. 

39. Does the ProLon® 5-day kit contain gluten or lactose?

People who are lactose intolerant can safely consume ProLon® 5-day. The box is not entirely gluten-free.

40. Is the ProLon® 5-day kit vegan?

Mainly but not completely. The ProLon® 5-day kit contains honey and, at the moment, a small % of the Algal Oil supplement is derived from animal source ingredient (about 0.2 g). 

41. Are the soups dried?

The soups contained in the kit are dried. It is therefore necessary to cook them with a certain quantity of water, as indicated in the preparation instructions, before consuming them. 

42. If my Doctor or Health Care Provider prescribes the tests, how long do I have to wait after the end of ProLon® 5-day?

To have reliable analyses, it is necessary to wait at least 15-20 days after you finish this Fasting Mimicking Programme. 

43. How many times can I repeat ProLon® 5-day?

For a generally healthy person, doing Prolon 5 Days 3 or 4 times a year is enough. The frequency of repetition varies depending on your current health situation, your habits (diet, weekly sport, etc.) and the presence, or not, of one or more risk factors. Ask your Doctor or Health Care Provider for support. 

44. Do I lose weight?

You loose intestinal fat, which is highly correlated with your health situation. The best way to measure this is through a ‘fat measurer’ or at least measuring the length of your circumference. In general weight loss is a secondary goal of ProLon® 5-day. It is not the same for everyone: it varies depending on the person and her/his body composition. 

45. Can I consume the foods contained in the ProLon® 5-day kit every other day?

No. To follow ProLon® 5-day correctly, it is necessary to consume all meals during 5 consecutive days, as planned. 

46. Can I do two consecutive ProLon® 5-day cycles?

No. It is good to do the ProLon® 5-day nutritional programme with reasonable frequencies. The minimum distance between the cycles is 30 days. 

47. Do ProLon® 5-day Menus 1 and 2 contain nickel?

Yes, both menus include components that may contain nickel. 

48. Can I do ProLon® 5-day if I have COVID-19 (even in the case of asymptomatic subjects)?

In general, it is preferable not to start ProLon® 5-day if you are ill. It is advisable to wait at least 20-30 days after recovery from Covid or vaccination.

49. Can I do ProLon® 5-day if during menstrual cycle?

It is recommended not to take ProLon® 5-day during the days of the menstrual cycle. 

50. Do the Longevity Guidelines represent a personalized diet?

No. These Guidelines are taken from The Longevity Diet book written by Professor Valter Longo: they are general guidelines, not personalized. 

51. Can I chew a gum during ProLon® 5-day?

Yes, but without sugar or sweeteners.