Explore the types of fasting and their benefits

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the #1 fast in the UK because it’s simple and it works. It refers to fasts that are two days in a row or less.

The most common approaches are “time restricted eating” methods, such as the 16:8 method (16 hours spent fasting, 8-hour window of eating), the 14:10 method (14 hours spent fasting, 10 hour window of eating), and the 12:12 method (12 hours spent fasting, 12 hour window of eating).

Another example is the 5:2 method, with five days of regular eating coupled with two days of fasting. Intermittent fasts are an excellent way to lose weight, reset your metabolic health and improve your mental clarity.

Prolonged Fasting

Prolonged fasting refers to fasts that are over two consecutive days. Scientists believe that your body starts the cell recycling up and rejuvenation process on day 3 of a prolonged fast.

This process helps your cells renew themselves and act like younger cells. Prolonged fasts are a quick way to lose weight and belly fat, reset your metabolic health, enhance your mental clarity and energy, and get better eating habits. And, through the cell rejuvenation process, prolonged fasts can unlock profound, transformative benefits.

Cell rejuvenation can enable you to live a better, fuller life throughout your years.

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