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It's time to reset & rejuvenate, together!

Start Your New, Healthy Habits with ProLon, a Health Coach, and a Fasting Group! With your purchase of ProLon, you automatically get a health coach at no extra cost who will prep and coach you as you complete the 5-day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet in a fasting group.

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Sunday, November 27 – Saturday, December 3

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Audrey Zona

Sunday, December 4 – Saturday, December 10

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Sunday, December 11 – Saturday, December 17

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Upcoming Dates

December 11 with Cynthia

January 1 with Audrey

January 15 with Cynthia

Did you know?

Doing ProLon in a group setting will not only be more fun, but it will better motivate you to make your new, healthy habits last long into the future.

Fasting Group Features

Daily Guidance

Daily guidance and tips on how to do ProLon & what your body is going through.

Live Chat

Live chat with your coach and fellow fasters throughout the day.

Daily Zoom Events

Coach led daily Zoom video events, with live Q&A. Access to daily recordings.

Healthy Eating

Post-ProLon healthy eating advice for day six and beyond.

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